Data Loss Prevention

The move to the cloud is not without significant data leakage concerns, made worse by the ease with which data can be shared beyond your organization or downloaded to unmanaged devices. Bitglass offers the only solution with inline, real-time data protection from any device – total data protection for a safe move to the public cloud. Built with familiar policy models and integration with on premises-based DLP, you won’t need to reinvent your approach and policies as you move to the cloud.

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Industry regulations have you dodging the public cloud? Bitglass’ integrated, high performance engine ensures immediate compliance with industry regulations such as GDPR, ISO, HIPAA, HITEC, PCI-DSS, FISMA, FERPA, SOX and GLBA.

Integration with Bitglass’ access control and visibility engines makes Bitglass' cloud data loss prevention contextually aware, taking into account role, location, device, activity and more, when evaluating policies.

An extensive library of pre-defined policy templates allows easy identification of common content types such as PII, PHI, and credit card data, in addition to a custom policy builder that incorporates a range of identifiers including keywords, regular expressions, proximity, occurrence, and more. Bitglass ingests policies from most leading premises-based DLP solutions, making deployment a breeze if you’ve already deployed DLP elsewhere. Advanced policies involving complex business logic and counting of occurrences is also supported.

Bitglass’ multi-protocol proxy architecture, combined with API integration into cloud applications provides real-time, inline and out-of-band DLP for all cloud data, on any device or application. Scan for matches on upload or download, as well as for high-risk transactions like external or public sharing.

A range of remediation actions allow you to extend access to sensitive data, but in a risk appropriate fashion. Dynamically apply watermarking/tracking, file encryption, digital rights management, quarantine, share removal, notification, redaction and blocking to sensitive content so that users get the access they need, but without taking on undue risk.

Detailed dashboards and logging provide an ongoing view of current and past data loss prevention policy violations, the context of the transaction, and built-in workflows to investigate and triage issues, and take further remediation actions as necessary.

Bitglass Native DLP engine is purpose built to deliver the highest performance globally across geographically distributed data-centers to make interactive, real-time security possible. The engine is double-byte ready by design and suitable for all languages.

Bitglass supports exact match DLP where you can hash and sync databases of sensitive information to the policy engine. Policies will be enforced only when an exact match occurs, eliminating false positives.

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