Threat Intelligence Platform

Today, business depends on connectivity. But with connectivity comes vulnerability. Founded by analysts fresh from the front lines of cyber defense and visionary computer engineers, ThreatConnect looks to take the vast potential of threat intelligence and make it accessible for all kinds of Enterprise organizations and allied government agencies. By building an extensible platform in the industry and bringing together trusted communities of security professionals, we make every ThreatConnect user stronger and more agile to defend their environment.



We make threat intelligence accessible, so you can make smarter security decisions.

  • Aggregate all available threat data in one place, using one platform
  • Identify patterns quickly and identify threat actors further upstream
  • Take decisive action fast by uniting your team through data integration

We’re analysts first. We know what it takes to work at the front lines of cyber defense. We know that we’re stronger together than we are apart. And, we’re strategic business thinkers. Since 2011, we’ve led the threat intelligence revolution, building the industry’s most comprehensive threat intelligence platform along with its largest trusted cybersecurity community.

With ThreatConnect, analysts can work simultaneously with incident response-, security operations and risk management teams to better defend their organisation against modern cyber threats. Executives can address strategic business needs, mitigate risk and preserve brand integrity. ThreatConnect turns your security operations into a streamlined, united force.

Once your team has implemented ThreatConnect, you have broader, deeper access to validated threat intelligence. The platform automates the enrichment of indicators, ensuring that you have all of the information you need to thwart a threat, and leaving more time for analysis. Your threat intelligence team has a better way to refine threat data from open sources and premium intelligence feeds. They make sense of it, and that makes life much easier.

ThreatConnect’s built-in workflows let you act on threat intelligence in your SIEM, automatically pushing IOCs into your SIEM, comparing them with system logs. You spend more time monitoring your network, rather than chasing false positives. ThreatConnect’s sustained cycle of network monitoring, assessment and defense makes you more productive and more effective.

You can rely on ThreatConnect to provide comprehensive threat intelligence data, and back it up with workflows that make the data actionable. Our platform’s robust features give all sorts of different organisations the power to aggregate threat data across disparate sources, analyse and rapidly understand the data, and develop a clear plan of action to counter the threats. Many tools attempt to solve a piece of the threat intelligence puzzle, but only ThreatConnect provides a complete, extensible platform that delivers immediate benefit to all levels of the enterprise security team.


ThreatConnect collects, processes, and exploits data at each phase of the intelligence lifecycle. The platform aggregates internal and external intelligence with the ability to parse and normalize across STIX, CSV, Custom XML/JSON, IODEF, OpenIOC and many common formats, even e-mail.


Without analysis, data is useless. ThreatConnect helps you refine and place data in context to develop an effective action plan. The platform automates analysis, driving faster results in greater quantity and higher quality. The process is scalable and provides a greater level of technical detail.


So, what do you do with threat data? With ThreatConnect, you will act swiftly and precisely. ThreatConnect enables the dissemination, feedback, and requirements phases of the Intelligence Life Cycle. The platform unites your team behind a common defense, and gives you the knowledge to lead with certainty.

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