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RAM Infotechnology

How LogPoint helps RAM Infotechnology achieve super-compliance in healthcare IT services

LogPoint enables RAM Infotechnology to stay compliant with an impressive array of industry standards, while at the same time boosting cybersecurity and opening a new revenue stream providing managed SIEM services to end-customers.

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How LogPoint is helping Scildon improve cybersecurity while saving administrators’ resources

LogPoint provides a flexible and efficient solution for security analytics at Dutch life- and pension provider Scildon. Implementing LogPoint provided Scildon upwards of 75% in savings on valuable administrators’ resources.

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Hoe relevant is het om cyber dreigingen te prioriteren?

Hoe relevant is het om cyber dreigingen te prioriteren?

Veel organisaties worstelen met het feit dat de threat intelligence waarvan ze worden...


Security testen nieuwe stijl, Wat houdt het nu precies in?

Security testen nieuwe stijl, Wat houdt het nu precies in?

Cybersecurity bestaat bij veel bedrijven uit een opzet met procedures, protocollen,...


De waarde van fouten die hackers maken

De werkelijke waarde van de fouten die hackers maken en hoe deze in uw voordeel te gebruiken

Het opzetten en inrichten van de juiste security maatregelen is moeilijk en kost...


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Improving collaboration during investigation with LogPoint 6.10

LogPoint 6.10 makes it easier for analysts to collaborate on and share the latest security information while providing more details during investigation.

How to Combat Alert Fatigue With Cloud-Based SIEM Tools

Today’s security teams are facing more complexity than ever before. IT environments are changing and expanding rapidly, resulting in proliferating data as organizations adopt more tools to stay on...

How Effective is Threat Hunting for Organizations?

In recent years, threat hunting has become much more widely adopted, but today the definition of threat hunting is still quite a controversial topic. Threat hunting is the art of finding the unknown...

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